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Check if particular tags are self-closing or must include or exclude particular tags.

Level: error

Config value

  1. true: enable rule
  2. false: disable rule
  3. {}: configuration object, mapping values of tags to their respective configuration. Tags configuration can have properties of:


If an element is or is not self-closing, when it otherwise should be.

Level: warn


If an element is missing an attribute that should exist.

Level: error


If an element has an attribute that is not necessary.

Level: error


If an element has an attribute that is not included in the allowable set.

Level: error


"tags-check": {
"a": {
"selfclosing": true,
"attrsRequired": ["href", "title"],
"redundantAttrs": ["alt"],
"script": {
"attrsOptional": [
["async", "async"],
["defer", "defer"],

The following pattern are not considered violations:

<main>Main content</main>
<a href="#" title="">blabla</a>
<a href="bbb" title="aaa">Link</a>
<img src="bbb" title="aaa" alt="asd" />

The following pattern is considered a violation:

<main role="main"></main>
<a href="bbb" title="aaa" />
<img src="bbb" title="aaa" alt="asd"></img>