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Blank-space (space and tab) characters should not be mixed in the beginning of any line.

Level: warning

Config values

  1. space: space mode (only spaces are valid for indentation)
  2. space4: space mode and require 4 space characters
  3. tab: tab mode (only tab characters are valid for indentation)
  4. false: disable rule


"space-tab-mixed-disabled": space4

The following patterns are not considered rule violations:

   →   →<img src="tab.png" />
········<img src="space.png" />

The following pattern is considered a rule violation:

   →····<img src="tab_before_space.png" />
···· →<img src="space_before_tab.png" />

In the examples above, spaces and tabs are represented by · and , respectively, to make the difference visible.